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A World Turned Upside Down, or Rakuten’s Elliptical Ambivalence

In the spirit of translative promiscuity, letting no one way of doing things become an ossified norm, I thought this week I might make use of a selection of translated single page manga from Rakuten’s oeuvre to illustrate an argument in that way that used to be my weekly habit not so long ago.

14b. The Legend[s] of Ogawa Jihei

I left off last week somewhere verging on unfamiliar territory, or, if you will, right at the boundary between the known and not-so-known.  In many ways, the posts in this series will reflect that movement into ever greater degrees of unknown-y-ness.  Our first stop was a well-known but, to my mind, grossly misunderstood artist, Kitazawa […]

14a. Two Nations – Kitazawa Rakuten and the Problem of Kindai Manga

It seems every time I sit down to write one of these things I have to apologize for treating a particular topic at short shrift, even when going on about it at great length.  This week–rather the next several weeks are no exception.  Kindai manga (i.e. manga from 1868, the beginning of the Meiji period, to […]