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40c. The Mobilization of Shōjo Culture pt. 2

The theatrical elite that seek to shape Maya’s destiny have, quite literally, no regard for her genetic family, only for how her social relations might be reshaped so as to further their own ends. Similarly, as we see in the kindai period, education, particularly those educational institutions created to serve elite/bourgeois ends, fractures family in service of a society largely beyond the individual’s control but to which the state demands a precise form of obeisance. Contemporary Japanese society has not escaped this mobilization of shōjo culture–if anything, it has simply adopted a new mask.

40b. The Mobilization of Shōjo Culture pt. 1

There were–and remain–then, two forms of sexual expression that were both mandated and directly overseen by the Imperial (now “democratic”) state: motherhood and prostitution. With motherhood, the state controlled the means of reproduction, the means by which imperial subjects were created and inculcated with certain values. Prostitution was sanctioned by the state in order to appease the all male military and keep them in line. Stability in the military was important given the frequency with which splinter factions within it mounted insurrections meant to “restore the Emperor,” a polite euphemism for “our ruling on his behalf.”

40a. The Unbearable Lightness of Being an Asshole

As the result of a recent spike in traffic, despite me not having posted anything in quite some time, I noticed, through the wonders of analytics, that a MOOC which shall remain nameless had identified me as a critic of Frenchy Lunning or, more specifically, as a critic of her conception of “the shōjo,” which I have to cop to, since the evidence for it is as plain as day. This identification also caused me to wonder whether it had anything to do with Professor Lunning putting in an appearance in the comments a full three years after the post to which she was responding had been posted, though, I suppose, it could just have been a coincidence.

33. Shit You Might Want to Know #1 – Demographics vs. Genres

I had initially intended to title today’s post “Shit You Should Already Know,” but it occurred to me that some may be coming to this post out of simple curiosity and not because their particularly strange assumptions need to be corrected.  For I have returned from my indefinite hiatus, wherein I have been detoxing from being irritated […]

16. Who is reading shōjo manga?

To continue somewhat from last week’s consideration of Yoshizaki Seimu’s Kingyoya koshoten and the idea that the people who read comics aren’t always what you think they are, I want to think somewhat broadly about shōjo manga and whether, as a demographically oriented comic type, it should be meaningfully construed as “for girls.”  I have already […]

13a. The Problematic Gendering of Shōnen Manga

Over the weekend I was at ICAF, and so I am still recovering from excessive travel.  I’ve decided to post the text of the paper I gave (or rather how I wrote it up–I tend not to actually read papers at conferences), and next week I’ll give some thoughts on the panel as well as […]