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40b. The Mobilization of Shōjo Culture pt. 1

There were–and remain–then, two forms of sexual expression that were both mandated and directly overseen by the Imperial (now “democratic”) state: motherhood and prostitution. With motherhood, the state controlled the means of reproduction, the means by which imperial subjects were created and inculcated with certain values. Prostitution was sanctioned by the state in order to appease the all male military and keep them in line. Stability in the military was important given the frequency with which splinter factions within it mounted insurrections meant to “restore the Emperor,” a polite euphemism for “our ruling on his behalf.”


11. Anime and/or Manga – Manga as Pop Culture Subtext

In looking back through my notes for today’s post, I clearly intended for today’s “lesson” to be more or less a take down of Thomas LaMarre’s The Anime Machine.  The book frustrates me in numerous ways very much analogous to my frustration with Susan Napier from last week: though a variety of philosophers are invoked (in […]