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43. Why Do Scanlations Persist?

This post really ought to be about my new manga transdub project, but it appears I’m back on my bullshit, because the whole discourse surrounding the “wrongness” of scanlation that I constantly see on social media, frankly, drives me bonkers, in part because people on “either side” of the issue never seem to be asking the useful questions or speaking from a shared set of facts.

40a. The Unbearable Lightness of Being an Asshole

As the result of a recent spike in traffic, despite me not having posted anything in quite some time, I noticed, through the wonders of analytics, that a MOOC which shall remain nameless had identified me as a critic of Frenchy Lunning or, more specifically, as a critic of her conception of “the shōjo,” which I have to cop to, since the evidence for it is as plain as day. This identification also caused me to wonder whether it had anything to do with Professor Lunning putting in an appearance in the comments a full three years after the post to which she was responding had been posted, though, I suppose, it could just have been a coincidence.

38. Translating Desire in Anno Moyoko’s Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen

Having recently completed one lengthy critical, pseudo-academic book project, I had thought that I’d be well on my way to something new and different, more creative, less taxing of my thought processes, but then I casually started reading Andrew Cunningham’s translation of Anno Moyoko’s (or Moyoco, if we must) Bikachō shinshi kaikoroku as Memoirs of […]

36. Analytics, Antagonism

It was suggested to me recently that it might be worth while, though I find it rather boring, to say a little something about the nuts and bolts of this blog, the book project I imposed upon it, despite its “limited” manga purview, and how my career as a scholar and on again off again academic has been affected by it, so instead of taking my usual week off before writing the next “intermissive” of [Comics] as Reading, I thought I might take this opportunity to note what has gone well, what has gone not so well, and what has genuinely surprised me over the past few years.

35. Comics Criticism Isn’t Much Fun

Advance warning: today’s post will not be one of my several thousand word diatribes on something you only vaguely care about, since I have already spent a fair share of the day writing something to that effect.  Today’s post will take the form of a rant… or a reflection.  A reflective rant, like looking at […]

34. An Open Invitation to Correspondence

So, it seems I return briefly from my self-imposed writerly exile–the book project is going, at least, even if not swimmingly–to note a few things you, dear reader, might be interested in and, since I can’t help it, to pontificate briefly on the state of affairs of manga studies within the broader framework of comic […]

32. Hannah Miodrag’s Comics and Language

Normally, dear reader, in this blog I prefer to stick to a somewhat narrowly circumscribed manga purview, but because what I have to say today relates quite well to what I had to say last time about Neil Cohn’s visual language research, I thought it might be worth straying into my larger, comparative comics studies […]

31a. The All-important What Question pt. 1 – Heidegger?

I wish I could say that my month long hiatus was more productive–this isn’t to say that it was unproductive, merely that I find myself at something of an impasse.  Maintaining this blog and, more importantly, maintaining the quality of insight and observation that I expect from myself takes a lot of time.  Shortly, I […]

Hiatus – A Brief Rant

So, this week has not been an awesome one for me in the ole manga/comics studies game.  I had the distinct privilege of being personally attacked for supposedly advocating, with regard to copyright, the exact opposite of what I have on many occasions, both publicly and privately, said.  I don’t want to get into the […]

29. Manga as Optic Device – Photography Visible and Invisible

The chapter of my current book project that I was most recently working on had a great deal to say about photography, in particular how photo-mechanical processes such as photogravure throughout the 19th and into the early 20th centuries developed into a mode whereby other things are represented, a mode that had previously been occupied, […]