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21. Okamoto Ippei, or Another New Manga

Almost entirely by accident, I seem to be constantly running into “new manga” of late, and not simply new manga in the sense of new titles but entirely new conceptions of manga, be it the Franco-Japanese hybrid of la nouvelle manga or this week’s topic, Okamoto Ippei’s How to Draw the New Manga (Atarashiki manga no kakikata-shū).  This “collection” comprises […]

14d. The Anonymous Mangaka, Don’t Expect Us

Alright, the last of this four part kerfuffle, and I can imagine you, dear reader, breathing a gale force sigh of relief that my month long digression through ancient history is coming to an end.  The four parts of this series have delved into the roughly four levels of pre-war manga notoriety: legend, notable, who?, […]

14c. Framing the Manga Landscape – Kawamori Hisao

Given how spectacularly unread last week’s post was, I can only imagine this week’s post’s plumbing the possibility of negative pageviews.  Nevertheless, I care about these things, so, for the time being, dear reader, I suppose you have to [not] care about these things.  I promise to at some point return to manga that may […]

14b. The Legend[s] of Ogawa Jihei

I left off last week somewhere verging on unfamiliar territory, or, if you will, right at the boundary between the known and not-so-known.  In many ways, the posts in this series will reflect that movement into ever greater degrees of unknown-y-ness.  Our first stop was a well-known but, to my mind, grossly misunderstood artist, Kitazawa […]

14a. Two Nations – Kitazawa Rakuten and the Problem of Kindai Manga

It seems every time I sit down to write one of these things I have to apologize for treating a particular topic at short shrift, even when going on about it at great length.  This week–rather the next several weeks are no exception.  Kindai manga (i.e. manga from 1868, the beginning of the Meiji period, to […]

12. Are Yon-koma manga comic strips?

Before I get into today’s topic, I want to note that I will be traveling to Portland later this week to present at ICAF (International Comic Arts Forum) on Saturday.  This means I may not have a post up right away Sunday evening, as I will have to drive back to Iowa from Chicago after […]

10b. Invested in [Mecha] Manga – Miyazaki Hayao’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

EDIT: I apologize for the delay, but as I was writing this yesterday, my daughter decided to somersault out of her bedroom window, so her mother and I spent most of the day in the emergency room.  She (and we) are more or less fine, but it has resulted in a bit of a delay. […]

8b. Mizuki Shigeru’s Manga Surreality

Like any good hermeneutic circle, there is no good or even better point of entry when it comes to discussing Mizuki Shigeru; all topics are equally limiting. So, I’d like to begin today somewhere in left field and by degrees inch into a comfortable barcalounger between the short stop and second base.  I recently picked […]

7. From [right] to [left] – Manga Orthography

As someone who tries to take the study of manga both seriously but also with a sense of whimsy, I am nevertheless regularly annoyed by sometimes general and sometimes specific statements about manga (especially the critical fiction that is its seeming otherness to Western comics) that I have encountered in a variety of milieux.  If […]

6. A Game of Manga[s]

I thought this week I might deviate somewhat from my typical “everyone else is wrong, here is why I am so great” pomposity and focus on a print format that may at first appear to be only tangentially related to manga but in fact shows a great deal about the relative murkiness of distinctions between […]