Nicholas Theisen is a [former] research fellow at the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Iowa and current independent scholar/home body.  In addition to manga, he does comparative work on comics, pop music, and lyric poetry.  He can be contacted at uahsenaa@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @uahsenaa.

He also recently wrote a thing where he tries to explain himself.


  1. Just curious, but are you going to write an about yourself here?

  2. Um, yeah, sure. I genuinely thought I had…

  3. Hello, Nicholas. I’ve just started to write about my research on Chinese cartoons (manhua) and I bumped into your website by chance. I think I’ll email you soon. For now, this is my newborn blog:

    Thank you for your work! I’ve found it very useful.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Go ahead and shoot me a line whenever you want!

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