Kitazawa Rakuten – The Burglaress – Kindai Manga Translation

女強盗:映画物語 – The Burglaress, a Film Tale

in Rakuten zenshū vol. 9 Onna hyakutai ero guro manga-shū (Woman’s Hundred Phases Ero Guro Manga Collection), pp. 126-7




There is quite a bit to unpack in this week’s offerings, so I’ll leave my commentary for next week.  For now, I hope you enjoy the [comic]!

Originals below:




  1. Martin de la Iglesia · · Reply

    Good job! Though I guess in (7) it should read “steels herself” and “teetotaling”.

    1. Yes, it should… I proofread these things over and over, and yet I still never catch all of my homophone spelling errors. Oh, and thanks!

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