Hiatus – A Brief Rant

So, this week has not been an awesome one for me in the ole manga/comics studies game.  I had the distinct privilege of being personally attacked for supposedly advocating, with regard to copyright, the exact opposite of what I have on many occasions, both publicly and privately, said.  I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of it; suffice it say that the episode has angered me enough, what with the wanton disregard for both my own reputation and the very real struggles of scholars dealing with the erosion of fair use, to rethink just what it is that I am doing at the moment.  Add to that how various projects have slowed progress on my book down to a crawl, I have decided to crawl back into the rabbit hole for at least a month, so that, hopefully, I can make some progress toward a goal that, even though it is within sight, has proceeded frightfully little toward completion.

I get too easily distracted by matters that seem dire at the time but in hindsight matter surprisingly little.  I produce my best work when I’m not spending time actively accounting for the opinions of others, and I imagine that you, dear reader, will appreciate a reprieve from my nonsense and badgering.

See y’all in a month (maybe)!

Ba Zi


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