[all apologies for one-week-belatedness, but earlier drafts of this simply did not cohere] PREVIOUS: Chapter 1 – Conclusion: What We Fail to Contemplate Contemplates Us Intermissive 1 – Allen Say’s Drawing From Memory My original intentions were to simply let the abrupt transition from chapter 1 to the rather idiosyncratic treatment of [manga] in chapter […]

PREVIOUS: Part 4 For a casual reader of the ILN, though, one likely not to have access to archives, reprint collections of historical photographs, and other artifactual detritus of the past, such an understanding of an etching/engraving/line art as derivative of some other more “original” form is all but impossible.  Moreover, it may have mattered […]

PREVIOUS: Part 3 2. [Comic] Re-presentation, or How Photography Became the “Reality Copy” Ordinary thinking about photography seems to vacillate between two wildly different extremes: it is either a mystical death mask imprisoning the innermost of one’s being or hardly there at all and the images of objects taken as the objects themselves, or at […]

PREVIOUS: Chapter 1 pt. 2 There are times when interpretation ought to resist the obvious, to willfully misconstrue, if only so as to break apart a certain readily available conceptual impasse. There is no better example of widespread (and yet unrecognized) impasse than the conceptual stranglehold that the materiality of the so-called [comic] book has […]

PREVIOUS: Chapter 1 pt. 1 Discursive constructions are not merely a function of some aggregate of persons whose opinions are frustratingly unknowable but of institutions whose practices, and thus their ramifications for categorically determining what [comics] are, are all too visible and thus legible.  There is no better example of this than a public library, […]

PREVIOUS: Preface Chapter 1 – Conclusion: What We Fail to Contemplate Contemplates Us The Katzenjammer Kids was an immense and immediate success, but historians of the epoch claim to have established with certainty that the reading matter most in demand among wounded doughboys on the Western Front in 1917 and 1918 were the then current […]

Preface: An Apology for [Comics] This book, like its occasional subject, is the product of many false starts, many attempts to pin things down that, like the goblins of folklore and our intellectual history, refuse to be pinned or, when cornered, to speak in anything but a delightful gibberish. Definitions of comics are kin to […]


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