I can imagine many of my formerly regular readers have wondered where I disappeared to all of a sudden, after quite a long stretch of regular posting, yet, I can also imagine hardly anyone paid much mind.  My hiatus was never meant to be permanent, and, as you will come to discover in the coming […]

Advance warning: today’s post will not be one of my several thousand word diatribes on something you only vaguely care about, since I have already spent a fair share of the day writing something to that effect.  Today’s post will take the form of a rant… or a reflection.  A reflective rant, like looking at […]

So, it seems I return briefly from my self-imposed writerly exile–the book project is going, at least, even if not swimmingly–to note a few things you, dear reader, might be interested in and, since I can’t help it, to pontificate briefly on the state of affairs of manga studies within the broader framework of comic […]

I had initially intended to title today’s post “Shit You Should Already Know,” but it occurred to me that some may be coming to this post out of simple curiosity and not because their particularly strange assumptions need to be corrected.  For I have returned from my indefinite hiatus, wherein I have been detoxing from being irritated […]

Normally, dear reader, in this blog I prefer to stick to a somewhat narrowly circumscribed manga purview, but because what I have to say today relates quite well to what I had to say last time about Neil Cohn’s visual language research, I thought it might be worth straying into my larger, comparative comics studies […]

So, last week I went on a bit of a philosophical/theoretical tangent with a mind to explaining where much of what I have to say not only in today’s post but throughout the run of this blog comes from conceptually.  I would strongly suggest, dear reader, that you go back and read it before advancing […]

I wish I could say that my month long hiatus was more productive–this isn’t to say that it was unproductive, merely that I find myself at something of an impasse.  Maintaining this blog and, more importantly, maintaining the quality of insight and observation that I expect from myself takes a lot of time.  Shortly, I […]


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